Drosophila labs need a continual supply of fly food to stay running. Unfortunately, many labs are plagued with unreliable supply, whether from staffing issues, complicated inventory management, quality problems, or other reasons.

Archon Scientific solves these problems with a convenient, flexible subscription to Fly Food Made Easy: trays of ready-to-use fly food in contaminant-resistant packaging. When your lab sets up a subscription with Archon Scientific, you pick a proven, non-proprietary recipe and your choice of vials and bottles, and let us know how much your lab uses. We give you a shipping schedule for the year so you always know when your fly food will be shipped. To make sure you always have enough good fly food, we offer a booster shipment: between shipments we’ll check in and if you’re running low we can have more fly food on the way, usually the same day. And of course, you can always order online, so you never run out of fly food.

  • All the benefits shelf-stable fly food of unparalleled quality.
  • Simplified pricing: the price we quote is the total cost to you.
  • Never run out of fly food. You always have what you need, when you need it.
  • Reliable supply — set shipment amount in advance.
  • Flexibility — change shipment quantity from month to month.

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